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E1-V.35 конвертор интерфейсов


описание характеристика решения документация Дилеры
E1/V.35 converter provides physical level conversion between ITU-T G.703 standard E1 interface and standard V.35 interface, it can receive synchronous 2.048 Mbps data from E1 channel and transmit the data to router, DDN, multiplexer or other equipment, thus providing secure and seamless communicating connection between equipments with different interfaces in the network. It is widely applied in the interface between WAN and LAN and in video monitoring.
  • the E1 to V35 converter conforming to ITU-T V.35, G.703, and G.704 standard;
  • E1 interface supports 75ohm unbalanced or 120ohm balanced;
  • V.35 supports hot plugging;
  • V.35 interface has many kinds of clock source and timing for option;
  • provides four clock types: E1master V.35 external, E1master V.35 internal, E1submissive V.35 external, E1 submissive V.35 internal;
  • V.35 interface can be tail-connected with other DCE equipment;
  • provides 3 kinds of loop-return function, namely E1 self-looping at local end, V.35 self-looping at local end, and V.35 being ordered to self-loop at remote end (non- framing model not having this function);
  • AC220V;
  • has the function of pseudo-random code testing, which brings great convenience for installation, debugging and maintenance of equipment;
E1 interface:
  • Interface standard: Conforms to G.703 standard
  • Interface rate: 2.048Mbit/Są50ppm
  • Vibration characteristic: Satisfies G.742 and G.823 standard
  • Transmission capacity: 1*E1
  • Clock type: internal—clock, route clock
  • Connector: BNC (75 ohm), RJ45 (120 ohm)
  • Interface impedance: 75ohm (unbalanced), 120ohm (balanced)
Working condition:
  • Input voltage: AC220V; DC—48V;
  • Power consumption: <=5W
  • Operating temperature: 0C ~ 50C
  • Storing temperature: −40C ~ +70C
  • Relative humidity: 95 %

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