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Новости Интеллектуальный MSAP с расширенными функциями PTN для сетей нового поколения

iTN2100, улучшенная версия продукта OPCOM3500E, имеет сдвоенные SDH и PTN; объединяет в себе характеристики MSAP и улучшает кросс-соединение SDH. iTN2100 предлагает работу сервисов на разных типах сетях, с переходом от традиционных сервисов к сетям пакетной передачи данных.

Intelligent NG MSAP with Enhanced PTN Functions

As 3G is in vogue and 4G/LTE is coming, the current backhaul which often uses TDM/SDH technology cannot meet the need for bandwidth while maintaining a reasonable cost. It’s inevitable that the transportation network will be gradually transformed to packet switched networks. Moreover, more and more carriers have changed their service so that they can quickly orient themselves to this new trend. The manufactures are also trying to deliver dependable and future-proved solutions in order to help carriers to smooth the incoming transition.



iTN2100, as the upgrade and update product of OPCOM3500E, possesses SDH and PTN dual cores. It inherits the basic distinguishing feature of MSAP and improves the cross connection capacity of SDH. Besides, instead of previous four VC4 capacity limitations, now the capacity is up to 16 VC4. In the traditional network, it can offer large customer service access with higher convergence ratio. For the PTN core, each slot Ethernet bandwidth of IP BUS had improved from 1xFE to 2xGE. The switch card supports card redundant protection to provide higher reliability, at the same time, it also supports label switching, Ethernet loop protection, OAM and SLA function. Based on all of these function iTN2100 can achieve different services carried on different network neatly so that realized the transition from traditional service to packet switch service. Then it can help carriers to solve the cost problem which come from change the remote device, and it also can prolong the equipment’s lifespan.

iTN2100 is a multi-service access aggregation product, which can be compatible variety of service types, including SDH/IP switch/FiberMux/CWDM/EoTDM/TDMoIP/Media convertor and DS3/E3/E1/GE/FE/FX/G.SHDSL/V.35/V.24 service interfaces as well. Therefore, it can provide customers with 3G/4G/LTE backhaul, business connection, enterprise optical access, large capacity traditional copper G.SHDSL aggregation and CWDM optical transmission applications.


SDH core feature 

Totally 4 STM1 or 4 STM4 SDH uplink ports

8 VC4 at each aggregation slot,total 16VC4s at aggregation slot

1 VC4 at each tributary slot, while 4 VC4 at the 2nd &4th slot, total 16VC4s at tributary slot

Four levels cross connection granularity: 64K,VC12,VC3,VC4

20x20 VC4 (STM1 card) or 32x32 VC4 (STM4 card) cross connection capacity

Redundant protection of SDH and multiservice FiberMux cards

1+1 MSP and 1+1 LPP and SNCP protection at aggregation slots

1+1 MSP protection at 2nd and 4th tributary slots

The protection switching time is less than 50 ms



IP core feature 

Up to 8 GE uplink ports, support Trunk Link Aggregation

IP bus of backboard provides up to 2 GE capadity at each tributary slot

Redundant protection of GbE aggregation cards

Support QoS/ ACL/ L2 SLA

Support ITU-T G.8031 and ITU-T G.8032

Compliant with ITU-T G.8262 (SyncE)

Compliant with IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP)

Support IEEE 802.3ah Link OAM,

Support IEEE 802.1ag and ITU-T Y.1731

Support static MPLS



  iTN2100 Aggregation Application

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